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Switches LK StudioТМ
   Circuit breakers and switches designed for switching electrical circuits of general purpose voltage to 250V.
LK StudioТМ performs all necessary circuit breakers and switches needed to build electrical circuits and lighting circuits. Switches differ in their functional use (electric circuit), the number of keys (levers), the presence of indicators (lights), and design, depending on the series.
   To determine what kind of switch you need to buy, you need to know how many sources of load switches will serve as to where they are located, and, of course, to determine the appearance and color of the switch.
   Functional switches are divided by an electric circuit.
   The range of circuit breakers and switches are devices LK StudioТМ following electrical circuits:
  • One gang one way switch (1) - is designed to turn one type of load (eg a chandelier). Comes in versions with and without illumination.
  • One-button-switch button (1T) - designed to enable short-term load (eg, call). Comes in versions with and without illumination.
  • Switch into two one-button (6) - is designed to control a load with two seats. Used in pairs. Comes in versions with and without illumination.
  • Two gangs two circuits one way switch (5) - is designed to control two loads from one place. Comes in versions with and without illumination.
  • Two gangs two ways switch (6+6) - is used to control two loads from two places.
  • Intermediate switch (7) - is intended for lighting control with more than two seats. For example, you can, going from one room to the kitchen, in one motion to extinguish the light in the room and turn on the light in the kitchen. It is used along with two circuit switches 6.
  • Three gangs one way switch (1+1+1) - designed to manage the three loads from one place.

   Dimmers are used for modulating the degree of illumination of the room. Used to work with incandescent and halogen lamps for a voltage of 220V, as well as halogen lamps through the transformers. The design of dimmers LK StudioТМ - rotary push.
Structurally, the switches can be executed in the keypad (keyboard), as well as rotary and push-buttons modification.
   Multi-functional mechanisms of breakers and switches the new generation are created by leading developers on the basis of a special heat-resistant material.
   Facial surfaces are made of light durable ABS plastic. Circuit breakers and switches of each series are individually designed, so the range of wiring accessories StudioTM, you can pick up equipment for every room.
   Thanks to the frame structure in a series of LK StudioТМ You can combine under one frame of one to five items (plugs, switches, switches and other devices) that will allow you to create the right color and texture combinations.

   Switches serie LK60
   Switches serie LK45
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   Switches serie LK80
   Switches serie AQUA-MODUL
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