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Serie LK-45

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Versatility, style and safety.
LK 45 Series - Universal Modular series standard 45x45 mm, used for conventional wall mounting, and installation of the cable channels, service columns and floor hatches a simple clip.

LK45 - a complete line of electrical products in white, beige, silver and black colors complete with frames made of natural materials and ABS plastic from 1 to 4 positions.

The unique advantage of the series - versatility. Series products are used for different types of installation: on the walls and the walls (hidden and open wiring), the sealed housing with protection against dust and moisture to the degree of IP 55, cable channels, manholes, and columns.

Colours of products allows you to select color scheme for different interiors. 4 color front panels and frames made of plastic: white, black, metallic silver and black velvet, and a framework of natural materials: light and dark glass and metal.

The series includes all types of switches, dimmers with LED indication, power outlets with earthing, with safety shutters, telephone and computer, including Category 6, TV, audio, boxes for the transition to an open wiring and waterproof housing IP 55.

Thus, a series of LK45 can be used on the premises for any purpose - in apartments, cottages, offices, manufacturing and others.
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