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The shape, color and texture.
LK Series 60 - a modern, functional, multi-faceted. The unique advantage of the series - a broad color palette and choice of natural materials used to manufacture frames. The design of a series of LK 60 is a framework that allows you to create the necessary color and texture combinations. By selecting one of the faceplates Series 4 colors - white, beige, metallic silver and black velvet, you pick up a frame made of plastic - or 6 colors of natural materials - glass, stone, metal or wood. Freedom of choice of color.

Antique style.
The Classic Series is a logical addition to the products of a series of LK60. In a series of mechanisms used by LK60, at the same time frame are designed with elements of antiquity. Series is a modular, you can choose their color schemes and combinations from a wide range of colors: 4 colors of mechanisms - white, black, metallic silver and black velvet, as well as the seven colors of the plastic frame. Thus, the Classic Series products can be formally incorporated into the design of any room.

Versatility, style, safety (IP55).
LK45 - modular series of standard 45x45. Versatile use of the products - product series can be used both for the traditional Mon-tazha wall and for installation in cable channels, service columns and floor hatches. 4 color front panels and frames 7 colors, including made ??from natural materials. Series LK45 is also easily mounted in a special moisture-proof box with a degree of protection IP 55 and lifting boxes for open wiring. Thus, you can use this series to any premises.

Reliable protection from moisture for a standard 45x45 mm (IP55).
AQUA-MODUL Series is designed to install any devices with dimensions LK45 Series 2 units. of 22.5x45 mm or 1 pc. 45x45 mm on open wiring. Series is modular, so you can manually set any device you require a series of LK 45 in the lift box IP55. The increased degree of water resistance is achieved by using a series of special seals and silicone with a transparent cover plate.

Reliable protection against dust and moisture (IP54).
Reliable protection against dust and moisture. This feature allows you to use a series of articles AQUA in wet, dusty, industrial premises. If flush mounting is inconvenient or impossible, a series of AQUA IP 54 will solve the problem. Color scheme: gray.

Quick and easy external mounting.
STANDARD series is used for open wiring, where there is no possibility or need to carry concealed wiring. Convenience and ease of installation - the main advantages of the series.

For true connoisseurs.
Elite Series Vintage sustained in two colors, legislators classic fashion: black and white. Vintage - a view from the 21st century on the old, nice looking objects from the 20th century, and rethought the concept of "retro" in the modern era. The most elitist series of Vintage looks with the framework of natural light and dark glasses.

LAN equipment
The system of telecommunications equipment designed for switching elements in structured cabling systems (SCS) and includes a full set of features category 5e and category 6: patch panels (patch panel) from 24 to 50 ports, organizers, news outlets and cover them, cable testers.

Колонны и миниколонны TOR и TR.

Columns and mini-columns TR.
Service system floor columns - is a professional solution for jobs in the open interiors: offices, operating rooms, shops offices, banks, schools, exhibition centers and facilities for administrative purposes, which require a direct summing up the power and information networks in an area away from the main wall . Integrated service system of columns with cable tracks located in the floor or on raised floors. The column itself is a hard profile with one or both body cavity for placement inside wiring devices, cable shelving, partitions for distribution to low-voltage power lines and the cover of the column. In the columns can be used wiring accessories standard 45x45 mm and European standards.

Service hatches for sex LUK
The system of hatches LUK - professional solution for jobs in the open interiors, where you want to direct summing up the power and information networks in an area away from the main walls. Hatches are integrated systems with cable tracks located in the floor or on raised floors and are installed directly in slab raised-access floors or concrete filled in the planting boxes. Made of plastic, aluminum, brass or steel. In systems hatches can be used wiring accessories standard 45x45 mm.

Вилки и разъемы индустриальные

Industrial Plugs and Connectors

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